Every year the Silence festival is built and run with the help of volunteers. If you wish to be a part of the festival as a volunteer, please contact the festival producer Jonna Leppänen (jonna@hiljaisuusfestivaali.fi)

Work behind the scenes is what makes most of volunteers return to Kaukonen year after year.

our volunteers

Volunteers will preferably work for the whole festival week from Monday June 4th to Monday June 11th. Volunteers will work before and during the festival guided with an assigned  person in charge. Tasks will vary from set building, ticket sale, cleaning, transportation to kitchen. Some of the work can be done in advance. Volunteer work time is 6-8 hours per day.

we offer

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • communal accommodation
  • free admission to performances on free time (when space)

We are happy to answer all questions and enquiries. Please contact:

Festival producer Jonna Leppänen jonna@hiljaisuusfestivaali.fi