Silence Festival

Silence Festival gathers the most interesting performances and artists from Finland and abroad to Lapland. The multidisciplinary program of art and culture is spread in and around Kaukonen village. At the Silence Festival you will experience art, beautiful nature and a very special atmosphere.


Contemporary classical music and contemporary circus combined with the unusual surroundings form the essence of Silence Festival. The river Ounasjoki running through the village creates a special atmosphere and most years it also has a role in the festival program.

The festival was born from an idea by circus artist Sakari Männistö and producer Joonas Martikainen to fill the Kaukonen village with high-level performing arts. The Silence Festival has been multidisciplinary since the beginning. It brings the most interesting performances and artists from Finland and abroad to Lapland. The festival is a platform for surprising encounters to people, Laplandish nature and different artforms.

On your arrival to Kaukonen, the community hall will help you with everything you need. See you there!


Artistic Directors

Artistic directors of Silence Festival are circus artist Henna Kaikula and musician Mikko Perkola.


Henna Kaikula (born 1980) has held the Silence festival’s co-artistic directorship since 2017. Henna is an experienced circus artist and performer interested in creating multidisciplinary site and time specific performances. At Silence festival Henna is responsible for curating the program of performing arts and inviting performing arts professionals interested in cross-disciplinary collaboration to Kaukonen.

Mikko Perkola, Silence Festival