wed june 7, at 10.00-17.00

Seminar: Regional collaboration and Northern Identity of Arts

A seminar about collaboration among the performing arts’ organisations in the Northern parts of Nordic countries is held as a part of the Silence festival. The seminar is targeted to all art and culture professionals, artists, policy makers and others interested in regional collaboration in the Northern region. In the seminar the best practices of regional collaboration and characteristics of the Northern region and its art will be introduced.

Seminar will be held in english.

Please register in advance.

free admission

wed june 7, at 18.00-21.00
festival opening event
community hall



Exploring the use of abstract images projected on the space and on moving bodies, the Finnish dancer / circus artist Mira Ravald and the Brazilian visual / circus artist Luis Sartori do Vale investigate how different colors, shapes and soundscapes may influence the way physical movement can be interpreted and experienced.

Researching psychological concepts such as apophenia, Portmanteau plays with the human tendency to look for meaning and patterns in random data and situations.

Concept | performance: Mira Ravald, Luis Sartori do Vale
Light design: Jere Mönkkönen
Music | sound design: Antonio Alemanno
Costume design: Julia Valle
Production: WHS (FI)

Running time: 20 min

tickets 10€ / door 15€ (inc. the whole opening event program)


june 7, at 18.00-21.00
festival opening event
community hall


In this multi-art and multi-dimensioned solo performance of clarinetist Lauri Sallinen, music opens up to space, playing is dancing, and the solitude blends with the community. Under direction of choreographer Mikko Hyvönen, music and musicians movements grow into a performance similar to contemporary dance. Composer Libero Mureddu’s electronic sound design adds polyphony and spacial dimensions to the sound, while Teo Lanerva’s interactive video design creates dialogue between the space and the performer.

Running time: 60 minutes

Music: Luciano Berio, Franco Donatoni, Olivier Messiaen, Outi Tarkiainen, Steve Reich
Musician, performer, concept: Lauri Sallinen
Choreographer: Mikko Hyvönen
Electronics: Libero Mureddu
Light and video design: Teo Lanerva
Photography: Katri Naukkarinen
Production: Riikka Thitz

tickets 10€ / door 15€ (inc. the whole opening event program)


june 8, at 18


Kallo Collective together with Uusinta Ensemble brings us KWALK, a concert with elements of performing arts. The theme of the concert is encounters and evasion. Without narrative it  takes the viewer through absurd moments of everyday life. The three masters of silent comic and three musicians create comic in space inspired by the works of Georges Aperghis.

Kallo, Kurppa ja Monckton, wizards of physical theater and clowning from the internationally known Kallo Collective come together with contemporary classical music trio Holmström, Puusaari ja Rautiola from Uusinta Ensemble. Music is by Aperghis and Uusinta Ensemble.

Performers: Kallo Collective: Jenni Kallo,  Thomas Monckton, Sampo Kurppa

Musicians/ Uusinta Ensemble: Joonatan Rautiola (saxophone), Maria Puusaari (violin) and Emil Holmström  (piano)

Production: Kallo Collective

Running time: 70 min

Kallo Collective

Uusinta Ensemble

liput 20€ / ovelta 25€

june 8, at 16.00
kittilä church


Finland's most beloved saxophonist Jukka Perko and gambist Mikko Perkola join together to play music that travels in time: transparent lute songs from the 17th century encounter jazz standards of the 20th century, bonded together with the duo’s own compositions. The tensions between familiar and unknown, baroque and contemporary, acoustic and electric will hold the audience until the last chord.

Jukka Perko, saxophones
Mikko Perkola, viola da gamba, vocals

tickets 10€ / door 15€


pe 9.6. klo 17.00
Ojanperän halli

Lehmuskallio & Työryhmä 

Sivuhenkilöt (Sidekicks) uses elements of contemporary circus and theatre to explore what it feels like to touch and to have to go without being touched. Sivuhenkilöt (Sidekicks) takes the audience to unexpected situations: meeting a lady who is missing a limb and a man who has lost his face, dining with a misbehaving grandmother and dangling upside-down from a bedhead. The performance combines text with physicality and visual elements and has been created by a team of theatre, dance and circus professionals. The performance transforms to and with each new performance site and its history.

Text: Eira Virekoski
Direction: Alma Lehmuskallio
Concept: Henna Kaikula, Alma Lehmuskallio, Eira Virekoski
Stage design and costumes: Janne Vasama
Sound design: Joonas Outakoski
Lighting design: Ainu Palmu
Performers and co-creators: Milla Järvinen, Henna Kaikula (circus artist), Saku Mäkelä (circus artist/dancer), Ulla Raitio (actor)
Production: Kaikula, Lehmuskallio + working group

Language: The performance contains spoken text in Finnish. English translation is available.

Running time: 90 min

Suitable for ages: 12+


tickets 20€ / door 25€

pe 9.6. klo 19.00
kaukosen työväen talo

Kalevala live

The Kalevala live performance combines the shamanistic magic of Reino Niiniranta’s silhouette animation films from the 1970’s to a unique live soundtrack experience with modern kantele music. Kalevala live contains a complete seven-part series of Kalevala animations accompanied by a vigorous live music performance by the Stringpurée Band.

Strinpurée Band plays raw and progressive kantele music seasoned with bass and drums. The figurehead of the band is Senni Eskelinen’s 39-string electric kantele. In addition of Kalle Ylitalo’s bass and Niko Votkin’s drums, Kalevala live shows are expanded with acoustic viola by Juulia Niiniranta.  The band has developed a highly original sound combining elements of rock, jazz, folk and classical music to create an extremely sensitive and even brutally strong impact. The trio, hails from the backwoods of the Northern Savo region in Finland.

Animations: Reino Niiniranta

Music: Stringpurée Band: Sanni Eskelinen (electric kantele), Julia Niiniranta (viola), Niko Votkin (drums) ja Kalle Ylitalo (bass)

Duration: 90 mins
Agelimit: 7

tickets 20€ / door 25€


la 10.6. klo 12 & 15
särestöniemi museo

Perilliset – Monitaiteinen konsertti

In the festival’s traditional Saturday matinèe concert in Särestöniemi museum this year old encounters new, acoustic meets electronic, European encounters Finnish, music encounters contemporary circus and depth encounters height. Viola da gamba, instruments from the 15th century, is merged with live-electronic music when Minna Leinonen brings together Parisian and Budapestian avantgarde with Finnish state of mind in her world premiere of Living in Two Worlds.    

In the music filled gallery (the audience) eyes are turned to the heights and aerial acrobat Heini Koskinen. In the atelier we follow the movement of contortionist Methinee Wontrakoon between the past and future.  Music from the 17th, 20th and 21st century is combined with the visual elements of contemporary circus. Curated by the festivals artistic directors Outi Tarkiainen and Henna Kaikula.

Heini Koskinen, aerial acrobat
Methinee Wongtrakoon, contortionist
Maria Puusaari, violin
Joonatan Rautiola, saxophone
Lauri Sallinen, clarinet
Mikko Perkola, viola da gamba, live electronics
Emil Holmström, piano
Music: Béla Bartók, Minna Leinonen (premiere), Bruno Mantovani

Running time: 90 min

tickets 25€ / door 30€


Program will be completed during the spring. We reserve the right to make changes without notice.