Northern Platform #1 

june 6th at 10.00-17.00
Särestöniemi studio
(Särestöntie, kaukonen)

How to co-operate? Experiences and best practices from cross-disciplinary and international projects and tools for artistic collaborations and regional networks.

Northern Platform is an encounter of performing arts professionals from the Northern parts of Nordic countries. It is a one-day event for mutual sharing, discussion and collaboration.  Northern Platform aims  to provide tools for regional collaboration in the field of performing arts and the event is targeted to artists and other art professionals who are interested in co-operation in the High North region.

Northern Platform #1 provides new angles to networks and regional collaboration. The invited speakers are experienced artists, developers and representatives of performing arts networks and organisations from the Nordic countries. The day's schedule will consists of speeches, case presentations, panel discussions and mutual sharing. Northern Platform #1 is an opportunity to improve one's own capacity for regional collaboration, wider the perspective of Northern performing arts and find new partners for the future collaborations. 

Invited speakers: artists Thomas Eisenhardt (DK), Juha Hurme (FI), Catherine Poher (DK/FR), Ida Løken Valkeapää (NO), researcher Sami Keto (FI), producer and expert of Arctic collaboration Inger-Marie Lampe-Lupton (NO) and others.

In Northern Platform #1 you will also hear more about a recently established Northern Network for Performing Arts. The participants will also have an opportunity to influence on the concept and activities of the network and create new inclusive practices.


The whole platform Northern Platform will be facilitated by Karoliina Vilander from Arctic Design School
10:00 Welcome words
Silence Festival (Joonas/ Jonna)
10:30 Prologue We are never alone
Artist Juha Hurme (FI)
11:00 Beyond networking: Why we need interaction that's based on empathy not utility
Empathy researcher Sami Keto (FI)
11.30 Working creatively in groups of diversity
Artist Thomas Eisenhardt (DK)
12.00 Lunch
13:15 Introduction: Northern Network for Performing Arts
Producer Jonna Leppänen (FI)
13:30 Experiences and perspectives - networks and collaborations
Case 1 Experienses from the Nordic networks - Ida Løken Valkeapää (NO)
Case 2 Artist’s perspective towards the networks - Catherine Poher (DK/FR) 
Case 3 Respectful collaboration - Laura Rämä (FI)
Case 4 Is there a place for hierarchy in collaboration? - Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir (IS)
15:00 Workshop: Sustainable Collaboration - How to make the networks inclusive (for art and artists)?  Arctic Design School (Karoliina Vilander, FI)
17.00 End of day


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Northern Platform #1 starts a series of 5 events which will take place in Finland, Norway, Iceland and Greenland during 2018-2019. The Northern Platform events are part of a capacity building project of Northern Network for Performing Arts and it is supported by Nordic Culture Point.

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